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Is Intuition Coaching for Me?

Do you keep repeating the same patterns in your health, career or relationships?

Do you feel like you should be happy – on the outside you have everything you desire, but on the inside you feel like you haven’t reached your full potential?

Our intuition speaks to each of us in a very personal way. As a professional intuitive and clairvoyant, I’ve helped hundreds of clients learn to recognize their own inner guidance. I am able to read your energy body and see where you are holding blocks and offer gentle guidance to overcome these blocks.

How I Work


Step 1: Identify

We identify the “what” in your life that isn’t working for you. Each coaching session begins with a reading as a jumping off point to discuss where your current energy blocks are and where you are trying to go.


Step 2: Clarify

We clarify the “why” that is holding you back. We will explore together your subconscious thought patterns and beliefs that are blocking your desire for change.


Step 3: Magnify

We magnify the “how” by assigning necessary action steps to create a new desired outcome. A new formula equals a different outcome!



I’m here for you.

In our daily practice of life, each of us faces many opportunities to grow and expand within our personal experience. Sometimes we get off track and have trouble listening to our inner compass.

Whether you are facing a career change, relationship struggle or health issue, I’m here to help. An intuitive perspective provides guidance and often, confirmation and permission to follow that inner voice you hear but ignore. Allow me to help you live in faith and not fear of that voice!

Read my story…

What They Are Saying

  • Bianca was an answer to my prayers.  She was able to guide me and confirm so much I already knew but needed that extra confirmation.  I recommend Bianca to all my friends and family who are open to intuitive healing because Bianca is Amazing!  She has a true passion for what she does and it shows in her work and gracious service.
  • When you stop and lift your face to the warming sun and take a long cleansing breathe, you will know the peace Bianca can bring to your "HEART."  Her compassion, empathy and presence are like no other counselor I have known.  She speaks from a guided place of truth in a clear and deeply meaningful fashion.  Bianca has and will continue to guide me along my highest vibrational pathway.
  • Bianca is extremely kind, authentic, and undoubtedly intuitive. Simply stated, she is nothing shy of amazing at what she does.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect 2 years ago when I first entered her office, now today, I am extremely grateful I did.  Bianca’s unbiased, sincere approach helped me uncover and discover areas for growth, abundance, and opportunity that and have since, immensely enriched my life.  I recommend Bianca and her services to anyone looking to improve their life, in any capacity.  Thank you Bianca!
  • I came in to the intuition classes with no pre-set expectations outside of the potential to learn something about myself.  I am exiting the classes with this, however there was also so much more that I gained that I would never have anticipated.  Learning not only to trust, but also feeling the peaceful impact in my life; understanding how to read and interpret the energy of myself and others; glimpses in to my past; and incredible connections with other classmates are only a few incredible pieces of knowledge that I am going out into the world with in my intuitive “tool belt”.  Thank you, Bianca, for bringing me this amazing opportunity.

Yes! I’d like to hear about upcoming classes, workshops and retreats!